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Review: Dragos Takes a Holiday

Dragos Takes A Holiday (Elder Races) - Thea Harrison

This novella will be a real treat for Pia and Dragos fans.  It’s a little slice of life, set just after Kinked, that gives us a look at the family dynamic since the birth of the Peanut.


Basically, the story follows Pia’s plan to take a family vacation. She entices Dragos with the idea of searching for sunken treasure –and before you know it, they are on holiday in Bermuda.  There’s a little plot about the treasure and some nefarious fortune hunters thrown in there, but at its core, this is a story about the Cuelebre family; about the relationship between Pia and Dragos; and about the emerging personality of their son.


It’s sweet to see how the mighty Dragos loves his baby. And despite becoming parents, there is still a notably sexy vibe between him and Pia.  But my favorite parts were probably those told from baby Liam’s POV.  It’s different and fun.


This isn’t standard Elder Races, obviously, in the sense that it’s not a story about falling in love (or lust.) And though there is sex, it’s not sexually driven. There are diapers and breast feeding along with the blow jobs and sex on the beach.  It’s a story about contentment, and following this couple into a different phase of life.  A nice follow up to their love story.


Rating: B