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My name is Jen. I read too much. I drive my husband crazy. I share books with my friends and we spend too much time talking about them. I enjoy Urban Fantasy & Romance (mostly PR & Historicals.) I’m also a mother of two and work full-time as a tv news Executive Producer.
Kiss of Darkness - Loribelle Hunt Loribelle Hunter puts a new spin on supernatural species in the Paranormal Romance, "Kiss of Darkness." Winter was a human woman who lost her husband to a demon attack about 60 years ago. In her rage and vengeance, she joined a group of demon hunters who drew their strength from merging with demon souls. She has fought the good fight ever since. But now the demon inside her is growing stronger and soon she won't be able to control it --until she becomes bonded to a mate.

Lucky for Winter, she meets Marcus in her time of need. He's a nightwalker... a vamp who feeds on energy instead of blood. And he is her destined mate. He lends her his strength and the support of his people as a demon uprising begins killing off members of her organization. The romance between them is pretty solid and develops at a good pace. I was happy with the love scenes, though I could do with a little less of Marcus pushing for dominance.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters, Gia and Dupree. Each had their own love story brewing and I found myself interested in seeing where their stories would lead. While the book had resolution, there were big threads left unresolved... screaming for a sequel. If this book continues in a series, I would definitely read to find out what happens next. If not, shame on the author for leaving us hanging. 4 stars.