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Sins of the Flesh - Eve Silver I am so glad I stuck with this series! These books just keep getting better and better. Mal, Alastor and Dagan still haven't solved the mystery of their brother Lokan's death. Alastor and Dagan are each mated to a Daughter of Aset. And now, it's Mal's turn.

Calliope has no idea who or what Mal is when she approaches him in a bar. She only knows that she needs to feed from the energy of a man and she'd rather use sex than blood to get her fill. Since Mal is essentially sex on a stick, he seems a perfect candidate. The two are already starting to get down to business when she finally gets a sense that he is more than human. She can't get away fast enough.

Their paths cross again when they both go after the same witness to Lokan's murder. (Mal doesn't recognize her at first, since she is no longer wearing the disguise she had on at the bar.) The two of them face off, each trying to get custody of the man. And in the heat of battle, Calliope bites Mal, which not only amps up her strength but ends up creating a tasty bond between them.

Neither one of these two wants to fall in love. Mal is a man-whore. Who wants to give that up? And Calliope is a control freak, who is unerringly loyal to the Daughters of Aset. But it was hard enough for them to ignore their attraction before the blood-tie. After the bite, they are fighting a lost cause. I enjoyed the progression of their relationship and I really, really enjoyed the sex. Rraw.

A good thing about this series is that each books builds on the one before. And FINALLY we find out who is behind Lokan's death and why. I can't say I was really surprised. (I has my suspicions beginning in the last book.) But nevertheless, it was a pretty great moment when we reached the climax at the end. "He was alive. His name was Lokan Krayal, and he was alive." Hot damn!

A little more than 4 stars.