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My name is Jen. I read too much. I drive my husband crazy. I share books with my friends and we spend too much time talking about them. I enjoy Urban Fantasy & Romance (mostly PR & Historicals.) I’m also a mother of two and work full-time as a tv news Executive Producer.
Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban There is somebody for everybody in this world. Even if you are as completely and thoroughly screwed up as FBI agents Ty and Zane. You'd never think that they are two people who could fall for each other. As the story begins, Ty comes off as this flippant, rebellious asshole with an enormous chip on his shoulder. Zane is a by-the-book, uptight brown-noser with something to prove. But looks are deceiving. As the book progresses, we learn that both men wear masks that cover who they really are... and underneath, they are each a big, fat mess.

The guys are thrown together to help solve a bizarre serial killer case. They hate each other from the get-go. But both men are talented agents in their own way, and slowly, a grudging respect forms between them. As they work the case, things continue to evolve between them. Each man begins to see the real person beneath the other's facade... and an attraction begins brewing, which ultimately proves too powerful to resist.

There were several things that surprised me about this book. First, is that this is a real thriller. It's not a romance with a mystery backdrop. It's a true romantic-suspense, where both love interests happen to be guys. (I wish I could say the identity of the killer came as a shock. I can't, but it was a roller-coaster ride to get to the ending anyway.) I was also surprised by how much time passes over the course of the book. Twice, we jump over months with our main characters apart. They continued to live and to change off-page.

By the time we get through most of the book, we see the real Ty and Zane. And it's no picnic. Zane is an addict with reckless tendencies and abandonment issues; Ty is emotionally cut-off and afraid of anything real in his life. They lust after each other, but often don't like each other. They need each other, but can't extend themselves enough to risk heartbreak. All the while, they get their asses kicked over and over and over again. Car crashes and shootings and overdoses... suffocations and explosions... you name it, they endure it.

It's not light reading. But it's gripping. I didn't want to put it down.

The sex: super hot. And the tender moments were touching. But these two really need some therapy. And a good health insurance plan. A little more than 4 stars.

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