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My name is Jen. I read too much. I drive my husband crazy. I share books with my friends and we spend too much time talking about them. I enjoy Urban Fantasy & Romance (mostly PR & Historicals.) I’m also a mother of two and work full-time as a tv news Executive Producer.
Too Wicked to Wed - Cara Elliott Lady Alexa finds the life of a proper lady of the ton both boring and constrictive. But she finds ways to bring a little excitement into her life. Like dressing up in a man's clothes for a poker game among gentlemen. It's there she wins half of Connor's brothel from his drunk friend.

Alexa and Connor have met before... shared a couple of fiery kisses. And now with her winnings, she is thrust into his orbit in a way neither ever expected.

Connor is having a string of bad luck. His brothel has been robbed --someone is targeting him and his business. Someone even takes a shot at him, and it's only because of Alexa's presence and quick thinking that he survives. The two escape to his country home for safety and it's there that their mutual attraction begins to grow into something more.

Alexa is a great heroine. She is smart, capable, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Connor needs a little work in the hero department. He fights his feelings for Alexa tooth and nail --and even when it's clear that he's in love with her, he can't bring himself to admit it. But the two of them make a good match.

Despite the fact that it took Connor a while to come around, I enjoyed the romance. I especially liked watching Alexa break down Connor's walls. The passion between the two of them was pretty good as well. There is plenty of action and mystery surrounding the plot against Connor and his business. (Though I think the villain reveal --and especially the motivation-- was pretty weak. It was probably the only part of the book I didn't like.) 4 stars.

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