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Supernaturally Kissed - Stacey Kennedy Ever since a car accident that nearly killed her as a teen, Tess has been able to see ghosts. She pretends like they're not there, for the most part. But the sexy ghost of Officer Kip McGowan won't be ignored. He flirts with her shamelessly... talks dirty... and turns on the charm until she just can't take it anymore.

Kip was killed investigating a cold case murder. And he has a lead he wants to share with his old partner. So he convinces Tess to go visit the police station and share the information. That drags her into the case and pulls Kip even more firmly into her life.

The longer Kip and Tess are around each other, the harder it becomes to pretend that there is nothing between them. It starts as just attraction, but quickly moves into a more emotional attachment. I kept trying to figure out ways that the author could make things work between them. Like he's not really dead... or he can possess someone else's body... or she can take ghost form... or something. (Shut up! When you read it, you'll be grasping at straws too.) I won't tell you how it ends between them, because it will spoil the whole thing. But suffice it to say, the author does plan to write more in this series with these characters.

The mystery surrounding the cold case and Kip's murder was pretty good. But I'd be lying if I said that romance wasn't the main event. By necessity, it's a book heavy on sexual tension and quite a bit of angst. The couple fell in Love a little bit too fast for my taste and I wasn't totally satisfied with the ending. But I still liked it quite a bit and I'm holding onto hope for the ending I want as the series progresses. 4 stars.

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