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The Second Seduction of a Lady (The Wild Quartet, #0.5) - Miranda Neville 3.5 Stars
At 30, Eleanor is firmly on the shelf and has no plans to ever marry. Why should she? She has certainly seen her fair share of unhappy marriages. She has her own money and can make her own decisions about her life. So what if she still remembers the one night of passion she shared with a man five years ago? Max Quinton is in the past and he can never hurt her again. --Imagine her surprise when she runs into him while chaperoning her young cousin, Caro.

Max has never gotten over his brief affair with Eleanor and he is shocked to see her while he is out fishing with his ward, Robert. She rejects his attempts to apologize for his past behavior, but he is determined to win her back. A growing affection between Robert and Caro gives him just the excuse he needs to get close to her again.

I liked the story. The details of what happened between Max and Eleanor all those years ago are slowly revealed over the course of the story. The sexual tension builds very well and I thought the payoff was good.

The story was short... maybe 70 pages, so we don't have an opportunity to get to emotionally invested in these two. And I didn't love the fact that a sizeable part of their discord was made by misunderstanding. But overall, I found the story engaging and enjoyable.

It's also a great set-up for The Importance of Being Wicked.

*ARC Provided by Avon