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Nobody's Angel - Stacy Gail I wanted to like this story, and I thought the beginning showed potential. But this book didn't hold me. In fact, I had to struggle to make it to the end.

It all starts when Kendall watches a co-worker attack another woman then kill himself. He has a strange white glaze over his eyes... and the event thrusts her into the world of spirits and the supernatural. A sexy EMT and a mysterious, masked guardian angel enter her life --and she begins to understand the things she is seeing. Through her investigations, Kendall uncovers the truth about what is eventually revealed to be a string of murder-suicides. And she falls for the sexy Nephalim who spends the entire book trying to save her life.

Sounds pretty good... but it wasn't. That's because the romance failed. I don't know if the guardian angel identity reveal was supposed to be a surprise. I'm hoping it wasn't because it was painfully obvious from the beginning. Then, the way the "love story" progressed was at lightning speed. It's total insta-love with some shallow hero-angst thrown in. I felt nothing for either character and I surely didn't believe in any feelings between them. The sex was over the top, and unexciting since we had virtually no chance for any sexual tension to build.

As for the action/ mystery part of the storyline... it was meh. Not terrible, but again, I just couldn't make myself care.

This wasn't good for me. Maybe if it were a full length book and we had more elapsed time and character development, it might have been better.

Rating: D+

*ARC Provided by Carina Press via NetGalley