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Industrial Magic - Kelley Armstrong Kelley Armstrong knocks another one out of the park with this fourth installment in her Otherworld series. Paige the witch is back as the narrator, but joining her this latest adventure is the rest of the amazing cast of characters we met in the earlier books.

About four months have passed since the events of Dime Store Magic. Paige, Lucas, and Savannah are making a life for themselves in Portland, when Lucas' father Benicio shows up. He wants Lucas and Paige to investigate the attacks on two teenagers in the Cabal. The crimes strike a particular chord with Paige, since the latest victim is a young witch, abandoned by her mother.

In the course of their investigation, our couple finds out that there were more victims than Benicio knew. They are children of all four Cabals. Our killer has got a major grudge and he's not done seeking his revenge. Joining Paige and Lucas, is a new character, Jamie the necromancer. I really enjoy her. It's not too often I get to read about a smart, sexy 40 year-old woman, with something to contribute. (Not only did I develop a soft spot for her, I quickly became a fan of her giant crush on Jeremy.)

Cassandra the vampire is back, reluctantly joining the team. We get to finally meet Savannah's mother, Eve (albeit in ghostly form.) And fan favorites Clay and Elena return, first to take care of Savannah, and later to help reel in the bad guy.

The action here is great. I love the murder plot and all the layers it entails. But just as much, I love watching Paige and Lucas take their relationship to the next level. He is such an adorable dork. And she is as utterly in love with him as he is with her. They really make a great couple. We also get a chance to see the dynamic between Lucas and his father. I know the Cabals are bad, but Benicio's love for his son is undeniable... and sweet.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. A great series. 5 stars