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Blood of the Demon - Rosalie Lario Ever since she was a child, Brynn has had special abilities. She can touch an object and sense the history surrounding it, and she can drain the energy of others if she tries. But she never dreamed that she was anything other than completely human. Until Keegan comes to her life. The handsome stranger kidnaps her and brings her to a New York penthouse, where he and his three brothers are staying. Keegan and his brothers are all half-demons, who work as enforcers for a kind of interspecies-council. They've been tasked to track Brynn down because of her special heritage.

Brynn is the last remaining descendant of an ancient Egyptian who created a book that can raise zombies. Only her blood can unlock the book's spells. The evil and powerful demon Mammon is after the book and plans to use it (and Brynn) to take over the Earth. To stop him, the brothers must either beat him to the book or keep Brynn out of his reach... even if that means killing her.

Of course, it doesn't take long before the spark between Brynn and Keegan to grow into a fire neither can ignore. Keegan has never sought anything for himself in his life. His only concerns have been his brothers and his duty. But Brynn touches him on a gut-level. I really enjoyed watching the two of them give in to their attraction. The sexual tension was hot and the love scenes, steamy. It was also powerful to watch Keegan struggle with making the right choices.

I enjoyed the story. The concept is simple and the world building is easy to understand. I really liked that the brothers are each made unique by their individual heritage. Their bond will clearly hold up over the course of multiple books, but their distinct quirks should keep things fresh. (I loved the reveal on Keegan's genetic background, BTW. What a great combination!)

There were a couple of plot points where I felt like I figured things out too quickly. Then I wondered if maybe I was supposed to. It just took a little while for some reveals to catch up with things that were made obvious. But it didn't really cut down on my enjoyment. I liked Brynn well enough, but the brothers are really the selling point of the book. Add to that a thoroughly nasty villain, a fast moving plot and some good sex --and you've got a winner. 4 stars.
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