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Intervamption (Vampires of Crimson Bay #1) - Kristin Miller Whoever wrote the blurb on this book did it a real disservice. Not only does it fail to really tell you what the book is about, but it does not reflect the tone. It comes off as this quirky, kind of light, self-referential vampire book. But it's really a sexy paranormal romance with a creative twist on vampire and shifter world building.

Slade is a therian assassin. Or at least, he was, until he failed at a mission nearly a century ago. But suddenly, his leader drafts him back into service. He has to use his shapeshifting ability to pose as a vampire. He'll infiltrate his enemies' khiss to secure some ancient scrolls, then take out a mark who will be identified later.

Almost right away, his path crosses with Dylan. She has devoted her life to running a blood clinic for vampires fighting their bloodlust. She was chosen to help indoctrinate Slade into the khiss. And from the first moment, they were drawn together in a fiery attraction. Unfortunately, she is informed she must mate with another vampire... a man she doesn't love... a royal. But Slade is determined to find a way for her to avoid that fate. The two work together to find the scrolls, which might not only provide a way out for Dylan, but may even show the way to end the long war between their people.

There was alot going on beyond the main story, but the world building was clear and easy to follow; and I never had any trouble keeping the characters straight.

The romance was sexy... and reminded me a little of Underworld with the vampires & shifters at war, and prophesy and hybrids. OK, maybe not... that's where the similarities end. But this gives me an excellent excuse to let my thoughts drift to Scott Speedman.


..... He sure is pretty, isn't he? ......

Back to the book. It was good. There were some pretty good twists... and a surprise at the end. I'm happy to say that this is one Epilogue that features neither a token wedding sequence or a baby. The author also builds in a solid set-up for a sequel featuring Dylan's friend, Ruan. And I'm looking forward to it. A little more than 4 stars.

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