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Lord of the Wolfyn - Jessica Andersen As a child, Reda's mother gave her a special book... a unique version of Little Red Riding Hood, filled with magic. After her mother's death, she refused to stop believing in the magic her mother assured her was real. Her father feared for her sanity, so he got rid of the book. But now, Reda has found it again. She realizes that there is more to it that she understood as a child... a sensuality... and she feels unquestionably drawn to both the book and the woodsman in the story.

After reciting some words her mother taught her, Reda founds herself transported to the wolfyn realm, where she comes face-to-face with Dayn. He is a dead ringer for the woodsman in the book and the man featured in the sexy dreams she has been having. Dayn recognizes Reda from his dreams as well. But to him, she is not just a beautiful woman, but the guide he has been waiting 20 years to help him find his way back to his homeland. You see, Dayn was a prince of Elden. But his castle was attacked by a blood sorcerer and his parents used magic to send him away to protect him.

Dayn is a vampire. But he's been living among the wolfyn in secret all this time. Once he meets up with Reda, he begins his quest to return home and save his kingdom. But of course, the two of them find love along the way.

I didn't enjoy this story quite as much as I liked Lord of Rage. First of all, I wasn't a big fan of the heroine. Yes, she has suffered some hard knocks lately, but she came off as a kind of a wimpy whiner, especially in the first half of the book. And every new revelation about Dayn made it worse. She wanted to take no responsibility for her feelings and actions... wanted to make everything his fault. She gave up too easily. And when she finally did come around, it felt abrupt and out of character.

As for Dayn, he made for an ok hero. (Though it's hard to be the follow-up act to a sexy berserker.) But he was responsible for the repetative dialogue that made me want to poke my eyes out. I swear to you, if I had to read him say, "Gods and the Abyss" one more time...

Anyway, the sex was pretty good. I liked the action, the wolfyn, and the dragon. And I'm looking forward to see Dayn reunite with his brothers and sister to kick some Blood Sorcerer ass. It's been a long time coming. 3 1/2 stars.

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