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By Honor Betrayed - Alex Beecroft Tom has been Conrad's manservant for years. And they have developed a deep friendship that goes beyond the difference in their stations. There is an unspoken thread of something even more between them... a quiet, intense longing that neither has ever acted upon. The two serve together in the 18th century Royal Navy... so if they were to ever give in to those feelings, they could hang for their actions.

The ship's captain starts to catch wind that there may be more to the relationship and tries to separate the men. But his actions only force Tom and Conrad to confront their feelings. From there, the story follows the two of them as they try to find their footing as lovers, while knowing the risks they are taking.

The story was pretty short and we see very little of the men together. Most of the book deals with their obstacles as opposed to their actual relationship. The couple of love scenes we get are just ok --they were brief and didn't have all that much fire or romance. Meh. I wasn't really blown away by this one. 3 stars.

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