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Magic Gifts (Kate Daniels, #5.4) - Ilona Andrews Big love to Ilona Andrews for creating and sharing this Kate Daniels novella as a Christmas gift to fans.

The story runs concurrently with Gunmetal Magic, the Andrea-centered novel coming out next year... and contains some teaser/ mini-plot spoilers as a result. It follows Kate and Curran as they attempt a dinner date in the city. But everything goes to hell when a woman is killed in the restaurant. And they're pulled in further when the metal necklace that killed her, is placed around a child's neck. From there, it's a race against time for Kate to find out how to get rid of the necklace before it kills the child too.

The story has all of the Kate trademark wit. There's great interaction between her and Jim as they try to work out problems with the Guild. And her relationship with Curran is as strong as ever --as they work side by side to save the child. The story leans much heavier on action than heart, but that's ok every once in a while.

It didn't do much to advance the ongoing Kate Daniels arc, but it definitely whet my appetite for the Andrea book. I can't wait to see how it all hashes out between her and Raphael. 4 stars.