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Angels' Flight (Guild Hunter, #0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 3.5) - Nalini Singh This anthology features a collection of short stories in the Guild Hunter world. Three have been previously published. The last is new.

Angels' Pawn - Throughout the first three Guild Hunter novels, we get little teasers about the hunter Ashwini and her constant foil, the sexy Cajun vampire Janvier. But in this short story, we get to see the two of them in action. Though Ash is usually hunting Janvier, here they are working together to bring in a vampire at the center of a power struggle. The whole thing serves as a little slice of life for the Guild Hunter, but it also showcases the sexy dynamic between Ash and Janvier. This isn't a story with an HEA. It does, however, leave the door wide open for the possibilities between these two. I hope they get their own story one day. The backstory on Ash alone would make it worthwhile.

Angel's Judgment - This is our chance to see Sara and Deacon when they first meet and fall in love. When the story begins, Sara is trying to decide whether she will accept the position as the new Guild Director. (Chronologically, it happens before the events of Angels' Blood.) As she works a case, trying to find a killer who is targeting vamps, she is paired with Deacon. He is known within the Guild as The Slayer, investigating rouge hunters and delivering punishment when necessary. They work together to find the guilty party, and grow close in the process. Sara has always been just a background character for me in the series, but this story gives her more depth. And Deacon is hawt! A great novella, filled with action and awesome sexy-times. Definitely a keeper for fans of the series.

Angels' Wolf - Poor Noel. Back in Archangel's Kiss, he was the vampire savagely beaten and tortured to send a message to Raphael. His body has now healed, but he may never recover from the emotional damage. As this story begins, Raphael sends him on a mission to Louisiana, to help the angel Nimra figure out who is trying to kill her. Nimra is very powerful, striking fear in even the most brutal angels. But Noel finds there is a gentle spirit behind her fierce reputation. It was strange seeing such a soft angel, when almost all the others in the series have this vein of inhumanity. But I did enjoy watching her breathe new life into Noel's broken spirit. By the time the story ends, we finally get an idea of who he was before his attack. And it's clear that through love, he'll one day be whole again.

Angels' Dance - Set 400 years in the past, this story gives us the chance to watch Galen and Jessamy fall in love. Jess is a teacher at the refuge, loved and respected by all, but the ancient angel has never known a man's touch. She is thousands of years old, but her malformed wing has kept her grounded and isolated. Galen recognizes that there is more to her than just a teacher and historian. He sees the woman beneath. And he takes her to the skies... exposes her to the world. He awakens feelings in her that she never thought she would have. This is all happening as Galen works to prove himself worthy of entering Raphael's service. Also at the same time, there is turmoil in Cadre with a missing archangel and an attempt on Jessamy's life. But the real draw is the love story that develops between Jess and Galen. They are wonderful contrasting characters, proving how much opposites attract. A lot of time passes over the course of less than 150 pages, but it only adds to the depth of their feelings. Very satisfying.

Overall rating: 4 stars.

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