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Motor City Mage (Urban Arcana,  #4) - Cindy Spencer Pape Des and Lana have been fighting their attraction to each other for awhile now. Des is a mage who works for a supernatural policing group opposed to mingling with other species. Lana is a werewolf; she's feisty and fierce, bold and beautiful. And she is nowhere near ready to settle down.

But when the two of them get pulled into a case together, all of their resolve goes out of the window. Someone is working with demons to put a dangerous drug on the streets. Lana has a connection that can help Des track the drug down, but things don't go according to plan and they end up sucked into a demon dimension. They two must fight to stay alive and make it back to the human realm. They fall in love along the way.

There are obvious parallels you can draw between the species-ism in the story and racism in the mundane world. And our couple, especially Des, learns alot about the common threads in life which bind us all together. This part of the story was a little heavy handed. But the adventure was creative and the love story, satisfying. I like that we didn't have to wait long for Lana and Des to get physical and I enjoyed the progression of their relationship. (My only issue with their love story is that I felt like the issues keeping them apart were pretty weak in the first place.)

This is book four in the Urban Arcana series. The events of the previous books and featured characters are referred to quite a bit. Things are explained well enough that newer readers shouldn't feel lost, but it would probably much more gratifying for those who have read the earlier installments. The ending was strong and felt like it wrapped the series as much as this individual story. 3 1/2 stars.

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