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Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian 3.5 Stars
Lucan is an ancient vampire warrior. His life's mission is to protect the world from the Rogues of his kind, fellow vampires who can no longer control their bloodlust. That's the cause for which all the vampires in the Breed fight. Unlike some of his brothers, however, Lucan does not take comfort in a Breedmate. Such human women with special DNA are the only way for his race to continue. But Lucan doesn't want the distraction, especially since he is fighting the growing bloodlust that could turn him into everything he despises.

Gabrielle accidentally becomes part of the vampire world when she witnesses a group of Rouges killing a man outside of a nightclub. She manages to take some pictures with her camera phone and escapes to alert the police. Lucan must pose as a cop to gain access to her story and her photographs. But his instant attraction to her makes it impossible to walk away. And when he realizes she is a Breedmate, it complicates things even further.

The story follows Lucan's efforts to track the growing Rogue movement, while battling with himself over his growing feelings for Gabrielle. I enjoyed the story, though it had a familiar feel: A group of warrior supernaturals, protecting humanity from a dangerous evil, while each finds the woman to complete him. It could describe about a half dozen PNR series right now. But it's done so often because it works.

The sex is hot and plentiful. And I could practically feel the pull between Gabrielle and Lucan. The pacing is good; the world building is easy to understand. My only complaint is the predictability. Don't get me wrong, there are some surprises (especially with a well played betrayal in the Breed house) --but most of things played out exactly as I expected: from Lucan's fight against his feelings; to Gabrielle's inevitable discovery that he is not a cop and her resulting reaction; to the identity of the Big Bad. And speaking of which, the fact that the author blatantly referred to the Rogue leader without a name became really tiresome. There had to be a better way to keep his identity a secret.

I did enjoy the book, though. The romance was solid. I liked getting to know the brother-warriors of the Breed and I look forward to reading their stories. I am especially excited for Tegan's book. 3 1/2 stars.