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The Werewolf's Wife - Michele Hauf As the new head of his werewolf pack, Ridge realizes that it's time for him to find a mate and start a family. But before he can do that, he needs to get a divorce from the woman he married in Vegas during a one-night stand 13 years ago. As hot as their drunken roll in the hay was, it ended very badly when he started to shift in bed --and the fiery witch responded with a powerful zap to his gut. He hasn't seen her since.

Just as Ridge shows up on Abigail's doorstep, her son is kidnapped. The mysterious abductor demands that she track down a particular vampire to trade for the boy's life. Ridge agrees to help her get her son back. And as they work together, all the old sparks start flying again.

My biggest complaint about this book is that it's predictable. Basic math skills tip off the possibility of the child's paternity from the get-go. We know that Ridge is starved for family and what better payoff could there be, other than one that's ready made? The identity of the kidnapper is pretty transparent as well.

My other beef? The very idea that Abigail could reignite this relationship while her son's in mortal danger. Sure, I can see her leaning on this stalwart man and reaching out for his goodness and strength. But I just don't buy any mom putting her terror on hold to get laid. Nope. Her son has been kidnapped; his life is in jeopardy and she's going down on wolfman. And then some.

The book is part of Michele Hauf's Beautiful Creatures world and references events and characters in the Wicked Games series. You don't have to read those books to understand what's going on, but as a new reader, I could definitely feel I had missed something, with the large amount of backstory we're filled in on. Also, as someone unfamiliar with the world-building, I got a little confused about what Ridge's were-form was. It was explained, but not until very far in the book, that it's part-man, part-beast. And then I got a little squicked out thinking about him having sex that way.

The book was ok reading in parts. I liked Ridge and I wanted him to get his HEA. But overall, it wasn't great. A little less than 3 stars.

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