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Rogues - Ava March 4.5 Stars
Ava March wraps up her her m/m historical Brook Street trilogy with what I think is the best story in the bunch. (And that's saying something, because I enjoyed them all.)

This installment focuses on Linus Radcliffe and Robert Anderson. The two men grew up as the best of friends, and eventually went on to become part-time lovers. Linus knew early on that he preferred men, and loved Robert above all others. But while Robert has always enjoyed his time with Linus, he has always sought out women for his other affairs.

Things are changing in Robert, however. He is growing more and more uncomfortable watching Linus flit from one man's bed to another. He comes to the decision that he wants to try a monogamous relationship with his old friend, but he doesn't really think about the long term repercussions. Whereas Linus has thought about exactly that for years. He knows Robert has never had more than a series of fleeting affairs and he does not want to risk they already have for something he feels is doomed to failure. The story follows Robert as he attempts to convince Linus they belong together.

I really liked this novella. Honestly, my only complaint is that I wish there were more of it. But even in less than 100 pages, March makes me feel so invested in these characters. She gives them depth and makes them sympathetic. Their relationship is believable and their obstacles never felt manufactured. The sex is both hot and realistic. And I just didn't want to put it down.

Very, very good. 4 1/2 stars.

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