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My name is Jen. I read too much. I drive my husband crazy. I share books with my friends and we spend too much time talking about them. I enjoy Urban Fantasy & Romance (mostly PR & Historicals.) I’m also a mother of two and work full-time as a tv news Executive Producer.
The Asylum Interviews: Bronx (The Asylum Tales, #0.5) - Jocelynn Drake Jocelynn Drake gives us our first look into her new Urban Fantasy world of the Asylum Tales with this engaging novella. Our main character is Gage, a tattoo artist and wielder of magic, who shares his story in the first-person. It all begins as he wakes up on the floor of a nasty bar bathroom, shaking off the effects of a mickey.

He soon discovers he was drugged by his own friend, an incubus named Parker, who dosed him so he could go, er, recharge his energies. A troll named Bronx helps him track down his wayward friend. After too many drinks together, the three of them engineer a misguided plan to give him a magical tat to help him get the energies he needs without having to cheat on his girl. Things only go downhill from there.

I liked the story. The world-building is clear and easy to understand... and incorporated seamlessly into the storytelling. Even in roughly 60 pages, Drake gives us a clear look at her protagonist and the ongoing problems he will face as he struggles to suppress his magical urges and duck the close eye of the Ivory Tower council.

I look forward to getting to know him better and I hope we see more of secondary characters Parker and Bronx. I have a feeling we're in for a fun ride with this series.

*ARC Provided by Harper Voyager