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A Caress of Wings - Sylvia Day 3.5 Stars
For a species of beings that aren't supposed to have any feelings, those angels sure are having a hard time turning their backs on love.

Set to coincide with the events of A Hunger So Wild, this novella centers on the Seraph Siobhán. As the science-minded angel works with her team to clear out a vamp nest, she discovers Trevor, a human who has been their prisoner for the past year. He's been used for blood, sex, and sport and is now only a shadow of his former self. In Siobhán, he sees a savior and she can't turn away from the chance to help him become whole again.

In touching Trevor, Siobhán lives through his experiences and it changes her. She was already evolving into emotions but he puts that into overdrive. They connect, but Siobhán feels it's better for him --and for her-- to wipe his memory of his time in captivity so he can go back to a normal life. The question is, can either of them really do that?

I liked the story. I'm always a sucker for a tortured hero and Trevor looks at Siobhán like she hung the moon. There is not much in the way of on-page sex, but there are sexy times that are pretty good. (I would have liked to read the scene where Siobhán loses her virginity though.) I thought Trevor's emotional fragility and fixation on Siobhán was done well. I was surprised by how well he was doing at the end. I would have liked to see some cracks there, but it didn't ruin the story for me.

It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. I just hope it's addressed in the next book.