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Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh Now I see what all of the fuss was about. I liked the first two Psy Changeling installments well enough, but I absolutely loved this one. And I owe it all to a delicious hero named Judd Lauren.

Judd isn't just Psy. He is one of the legendary Arrows. Before his family dropped out of Psy Net, he was one of a small band of elite mercenaries, determined at all cost to protect Silence. But when his family was marked for rehabilitation, he chose to leave the Net behind. But he didn't abandon his life as a killer. Judd works with a mysterious Psy known only as the Ghost, tracking the Council and destroying their nefarious plans. At the same time, he lives among the SnowDancer wolf pack. That's where Brenna came into his life.

Brenna is still healing from horrific torture at the hands of the Psy serial killer in Slave to Sensation. Judd was among the group who rescued her. But more than that, he does what no other man can do... he makes her feel safe. Judd tries to deny that the attraction between them is mutual. He clings to his Silence like a lifeline. Whenever he feels pangs of emotion, they are accompanied by intense pain. And he welcomes it because he fears if he ever falls too far, he will go mad.

Of course, Judd's fight is fruitless, but it is absolutely delicious watching him succumb. Brenna's affections are so sincere and her need for him so great, it impossible not to root for them to get together. Add to that, her ongoing efforts to put her life back together, two hugely overprotective brothers, and a continuing plot to take her out by her assailant's accomplice, and there is not a dull moment. The sexual tension is through the roof --and did I mention, Judd is a virgin hero?? ((**swoon**)) (**thud**)) So. Hot.

The world-building is only getting better here. Clearer. And the overall arc is falling into place. The secondary characters are getting stronger. And couples from the previous stories are featured throughout. If the series is able to hold on to this level of awesome, you'll have to pry me off of it with a stick.

(The covers, however, are kind of cheesy.)

Rating: A-