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Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh Good gracious almighty, this one was hawt. For the first time in her Psy-Changeling series, Nalini Singh pairs two changelings together. And the result is scorching. We've seen hints in previous installments that a Mercy-Riley pairing was inevitable, but I honestly never thought it would be this good.

Mercy is a sentinel for the Dark River leopard pack. Riley is a lieutenant for the wolf Snow Dancers. They work together as the liaison team for the two packs, but they drive each other crazy. Mercy is fiery and bold. Riley is steady and sure, so difficult to ruffle, he's earned the nickname "the Wall." Neither ever imagined the passion that was lurking beneath the surface between them.

As the story begins, Mercy is at the end of her rope. It's been months since she has been with a man and has started to fear that she would never find the right guy to be her mate. One too dominant would stifle her, while one too submissive wouldn't measure up for her cat. When her need reaches a fever pitch, Riley is only too happen to step in and scratch her itch.

What starts out as a "one shot deal" becomes a fire that consumes them both. Riley gets on board pretty fast, but Mercy fights it. She knows how possessive alpha males are --and she is too dominant to deal with the fallout. Before she knows it, though, she is craving Riley as much as he craves her.

The sex is phenomenal from the very beginning and it stays that way throughout the book. This story is much more sexual throughout than the others, and it really, really works. But that's not all there is to Mercy and Riley. I loved watching them find places for the other in their lives... watching them find the compromises necessary to work as mates.

In the meantime, the Human Alliance is flexing its muscle as a threat to be reckoned with. As always, Kaleb and the other members of the Psy Council remain a force. And the inevitable pairing of Hawke and Sienna is beginning to pick up steam. With perhaps a third party getting into the mix. Color me intrigued, Kit.

I enjoyed this one a lot. One of my favorites in the series. Rrrraw.

Rating: A-