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Rapture - J.R. Ward 3.5 Stars
I liked it, but I didn't love it. It's always a sad day when I say that about a JR Ward book. I know this lady has the juice to knock my socks off, but this fourth installment in her Fallen Angel series left me feeling lukewarm. It was even more disappointing on the heels of that big shocker in the last book, but I digress...

The hero in this story is a familiar face. Matthias was the soul Team Angel lost to the bad guys in Crave. They're getting a second chance to guide him on the righteous path, however, as the Almighty is punishing Devina for breaking the rules of the Game. If none of this makes any sense to you, that means you are a new reader and this book is not for you. Go back to the beginning and start with Covet or much of ongoing plot will be lost on you.

Anyway, as Matthias is returned to earth, he has the good fortune of stumbling in front of a car driven by newspaper reporter Mels Carmichael. The accident gives him amnesia and draws Mels into his life. At first, he turns to her to help him figure out who he is, but then he quickly falls for her. As his memories trickle back, he is horrified by what he once was, and he must work along with Jim and Adrian to skirt both assassins and the demons who want to have him back in hell.

The book felt overly long, but love happens way too fast. Two days, I think. Both Mels and Matthias want each other from the get-go, but unfortunately his suicide attempt with an IED has left him impotent, forcing an unsatisfying sexual relationship. (By unsatisfying, I mean, for me.)

Also unsatisfying: no progression on the Eddie storyline. I really hoped Ward would fix this, but it's barely addressed outside of Adrian's angst. Jim continues to obsess over Sissy to epic levels, yet makes a huge out-of-character move with Davina which left me scratching my head.

I dunno. It wasn't bad, but it was tepid. And starting to feel formulaic. And at the end, I wanted to smack Jim in the face with a dead fish.

Rating: B-