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My name is Jen. I read too much. I drive my husband crazy. I share books with my friends and we spend too much time talking about them. I enjoy Urban Fantasy & Romance (mostly PR & Historicals.) I’m also a mother of two and work full-time as a tv news Executive Producer.
The Sweetest Mercy (Sexy Shifter Shorts #3) - Amanda Bonilla Another really hot read. I think this one was my favorite. It focuses on the rescue effort for Erica's sister, Kiera. Carter is Logan and Andrew's best tracker and he sets off, not only to find the missing nymph, but also to bring her kidnapper back to the Pride for justice.

Carter has been celibate for decades, since the death of his mate. But when he makes it to Kiera, her nymph mojo and her glaring need are too much to ignore. What starts as a quickie to take the edge off, turns into something much more between these two people who had lost hope of ever finding an HEA. Yes, it's an uber fast connection, but the sex was super hot and I really felt for the characters. Carter, especially, was so wounded (both physically and emotionally.) A satisfying end to the trilogy. I am glad I read them all back-to-back.

*ARC provided by author for review