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Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost

As much as I enjoyed Once Burned, I really think this sequel delivers just as much! It's sexy; it's heartfelt; and it's got just enough intrigue and action to keep me glued to the page, without ever detracting from the romance.

I hate to say it, but as the story began, I wasn't really happy with Vlad. If you'll recall, he is determined that love will never play a part in his life again. This is a real problem, since Leila is head over heels for him. The great thing about her, though, is that she refuses to settle for anything less than his heart. And while it shreds her to do it, she walks away from the only man she's ever loved. And he lets her go.

Of course, they don't stay apart. Someone targets Leila and that brings her back into Vlad's life faster than you blink. But who is out to kill her and why? Where does the sexy and eager Maximus fall into her life? Can she ever break Vlad's cool exterior and find his feelings underneath? Can the sex surpass the infamous chapter 32?

I won't spoil the answers... OK... I'll answer that last one with a resounding yes. The sex was molten hot here. Scorching. Wow. Thank you, Jeaniene Frost.

I've loved Vlad since he first entered the Cat and Bones world and he grows so much in this book. I never thought I could love him more, but now I do. He is violent and tyrannical and controlling; but once we end up exposed to the emotions he works so hard to tamp down, we also see the fierce love and loyalty in him. Meanwhile, I respected the heck out of Leila for not settling. She manages to hold on to her backbone without being bitchy or diminishing her love for Vlad. And Frost does a great job showing us that it's the real man she loves, not an idealized version of him. Sometimes it's messy; sometimes it's hard; but it's real. And I totally believed it.

Really good.

Rating: A-

*ARC Provided by Avon