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A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift -  Jennifer Ashley

This is a great little novella that is sure to please any fan of the Highland Pleasures series. It’s set between the main story and Epilogue featured in Hart’s book and it is essentially the Christmas story just before Eleanor gives birth to their son.  It revisits the entire MacKenzie clan, giving us quality time with all the couples –plus another teaser for a Fellows and Louisa pairing.  I enjoyed every single thing about it.


The storylines surrounding Ian and Hart dominate, but there is something going on with every MacKenzie pairing. The Ian story follows his acquisition of a new Ming bowl, one that Beth accidentally breaks.  She spends the entire holiday trying to make it up to him, while he works tirelessly to create a special Christmas surprise for her and the children. Hart, of course, is terrified Eleanor and the baby won’t survive the birth. 


Cameron welcomes a nearly grown Daniel back home –as he and Ainsley face a scare involving their daughter. And Mac and Isabella …well, they mostly enjoy wedded bliss.

This is really a feel-good story. Yes, there are one or two tense moments, but they really only serve to accentuate the deep feelings all of these people have for one another.  There are a few steamy scenes too.  We get a peek into Ainsley’s extended family, which is cool since her brother Elliot is featured in the next book.  Despite the publication order, it seems this story takes place chronologically after The Seduction of Elliot McBride.  I am intrigued. (Though not as excited as I am to read Fellows and Louisa’s book.)


I don’t want say more, because I don’t want to give any more away.  Loved it.


Rating: B+