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Fate's Song (The Fey Series, #1)

Fate's Song (The Fey Series, #1) - Jessica Jarman Kaelen is a Fae prince in exile. Once destined for the throne, now he lives among the humans, cut off from his kind, without his powers. He is being punished for killing a human in defense of a woman and her children. He must serve out his sentence until he finds his true mate and she loves and accepts him for who he is.

When Abagail stumbles over Kaelen's beaten body in the woods, she feels the need to rescue him. She gets him back to her cabin, to nurse him back to health. But the two of them are quickly overwhelmed by their attraction to one another. And it's from there that the inevitable plays out.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who Abagail is to Kaelen or what began their connection. But I can tell you that despite the lack of any substantial surprises, I did enjoy the book. The sex was rockin' --hot, heavy, and all around awesome. Everything happens at lightning speed, but I can forgive that with destined mates stories more than with a standard romance. A short, sexy read. A little more than 3 stars.

*Review copy provided by author